Loose Ends

by Plans

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released August 1, 2017

Engineered and mixed by Gary Cioni at Barbershop Studios in Hopatcong, NJ

Mastered by Brett Romnes

Artwork: Laurie O'Donnell and Nick Brock



all rights reserved


Plans Indianapolis, Indiana

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Track Name: Funerals
You went back on your beliefs
Just to see what your mother would say.
She probably blamed it all on me,
She’s probably crying herself to sleep.
But still you still get down on your hands and knees
To pray before you sleep
I wish that I was that strong,
Wish I still believed in anything.

And Father, I’m listening
But I need you to hear me out.
And Father, I’m listening
But you don’t speak, you don’t speak.

My friends are just tired and broken from the funerals
Only the good die young.
If that’s the case I’ll grow old alone
Bury everyone I love.

And if I ever get my hands on God
We’re gonna have a conversation.
You needed patience, you needed grace,
You needed someone just to save you.

Father take me home.
Track Name: Sunbelt
I lost my self-control,
I’ve got my father’s blood
It makes me nervous,
I can feel it boil out of my cuts.
I started to let go of all the anger I’ve held
But it still lives in my head
And it haunts me like a nightmare.

You had me convinced
You were so fragile
And I’m the one to blame.
Now I can’t stand
What I’ve become
You had me convinced
I’m no good for anyone.

I’m trying to pretend like I’m fine
Like nothing’s wrong again
I was miles away from myself.
Kept getting farther away from where I was,
From what I want.
I was collateral damage; an unpreventable loss.

Everything is past tense now,
If only I could slow things down.
I’d make a little sense of things,
And maybe save myself from my head.
Track Name: Letters
All of a sudden I miss everyone I used to know
How it felt so rough,
We still keep in touch, but it’s not the same anymore.
So I called you up just to see how you’ve been,
You said you’d fallen in love, you couldn’t believe it,
But your parents still hate the way that you turned out.

I could use a little chaos at night,
I’ve got a half tank of gas, a paycheck at midnight.
We could get drunk on the roof,
Set off fireworks like we used to do.
I’ve got nothing better to do as far as your concerned.

Cause when it’s over, it’s over,
We can’t get it back,
We can’t change the past and
It’s expected, I’m not that upset,
Wish I had a way to hold on to what’s left of me.
(You’re resonating in the back of my brain)
It’s not like you know
(It’s not your fault)
I crumbled and buckled at the knees.

I walked home alone again,
Just talking to myself.
I broke down in a parking lot, I left you buried there.
Tonight I’ll get my head on straight,
I started pacing back and forth,
I can feel you hesitate, get up and walk away.
I started taking swings at anything,
Just needed something to hit me back.
The door understood my process
Beneath my shattered bones and broken glass.

I let you use me like a habit,
Now I need you like an addict.
I"ll get up when I am through,
I'll get up when I come out of this.

I cannot be your something,
I’m sick of being convenient
Track Name: Loose Ends
Weather’s been misleading, lately
And I get lost inside my head.
I wonder what you’re up to lately,
God I need back inside your veins.
And I’ve been retracing all my steps
Back to the places where you said,
“We’ve got a good thing,
Don’t get lost inside yourself.”

Show up again in the rain
Cause I’ve been dying to find you.
I’m lost in your dizzy haze
From spinning around.
Consider me absent
From all of my plans
I’m tangled in loose ends,
Tied in knots by your hands.

And I’ve been waiting patiently
For some peace of mind.
While displacency takes a hold on me.
Do you remember
Your bodies’ architecture?
Your urgency tore through me
As you were tearing off your clothes.

I’ve been feeling restless,
I’ve been losing sleep.
I guess that’s what you get
For holding on too tightly
To nothing but echoes of a memory.

Show up again in the rain
I’ve been dying to find you.
Lost in your dizzy haze
Consider me absent
From all of my plans
I’m tangled in loose ends,
Untied by your hands